Teaching Students

To prepare the next generation of leaders in any discipline calls for a development that focuses less on technical knowledge and more on the MINDSET: deeper understanding of self and others, innovative thinking as well as ethical, spiritual and moral foundations. I have taught this course to university students F2F and online, in versions of 10 to 20 and 43 hours, creating powerful transformative experiences. For some of the stories, read Students shifting mindset, Ivanova & Rimanoczy, Eds. (forthcoming 2021).

Understanding Self and the Contemporary World

This course is both unique and foundational: Students will begin developing a new mindset in a formative learning experience that will help them understand the characteristics, drivers and values expressed in the events and interactions of our contemporary world, both locally and internationally. If you want to bring this course to your institution, send me an mail and we can explore how I could teach it there.