Poetry & Quotes

Poetry and digital art help me expand my expression beyond academic frameworks..

When I write academic papers, I develop concepts and share them. When I want to explore my soul and make meaning in new ways, poetry and digital art are my instruments. They complement each other: images say what words insinuate, and words describe the hidden message of images.

What non-conventional ways to provoke thinking have you tried with your students? How might they find in poetry or prose a new way of expressing images, feelings, thoughts? One way to start is to invite students to write a metaphor of themselves. This switches their mind into the right-brain mode, as they have to find intuitive analogies and symbols.



Between dawn and dusk




Exploring my Soul


La vida explicada


I am

The Earth is more than Home.

It’s me and it’s my Mother,

I am the step that came after

the stardust became atoms.


I am all beings

evolving to be and to become

The first ape and his son,

The man walking on the land.


I am the history

wrapped up in a skin

and I am the step

for the evolution to go on,

like before, like after.

I am the bridge

connecting what was

and what is still to be.


I.Rimanoczy , 2013



¿De dónde vienes,

para qué estás?

Es la Tierra que me duele

Es el aire porque el cóndor

vive en él.

Es la gaviota

y el mar,

el coral rojo furioso

y las algas que se mecen.

Me llaman y me preguntan,

cantan, y no sé qué responder.


Tristeza, yo sé de dónde vienes.

Es la Tierra que me duele

Todo lo que te dé es poco…

Y te doy todo lo que soy:

Mis ancestros y los que me seguirán,

mi pequeña huella

para cubrir tu cicatriz,

mi pulgar.


I.Rimanoczy , Feb 8 2014

In Reverse

Today I went into the folder

of my collection of quotes.

I used to pick them

like poppies in the field,

like mangoes of a tree.

They waited for me

in the shadow of the pages

and rejoiced in being seen.


Ten years, or may be more,

have passed since those days.

And when I began to read

my collection of quotes

I realized where it came from-

The me I am today.

My thinking, my concerns

my sadness and my hopes

my urge to connect,

 my awakened soul.


Today, I looked at these names…

the minds that conceived those thoughts,

and I saw the pieces of the past

flying back into the shape

of who I am, today,

like a movie in reverse.

The sum of all those sages

connected in me: a human collage.

I will carry your voice

the best I can.


I.Rimanoczy , 2020

what are some quotes that inspire you?


I have found great value in quotes. They can be thought provoking, succinct, to the point, challenging and inspiring.

Which quotes say it better than we could say it? Have you considered using quotes, even asking students to bring their own quotes for a certain topic? They are a powerful way to shift a mindset.