Faculty Development

Do you remember when online learning was a nightmare you selected not to engage in, unless you had no choice? I am a F2F person, and always avoided online teaching. Until….Until the network of academics I convened (LEAP) forced me in 2014 to create engaging settings to connect, because we were all geographically dispersed. I used the Action Reflection Learning(ARL) Principles to guide my designs, and so when Covid 19 left us with no alternative, I offered colleagues proven tools and guides to make the most out their online teaching. What have you learned about yourself and about how students learn best in today’s world? I invite you to check out these courses that may bring you new perspectives and possibilities to rethink and recreate the online teaching experience.

Teaching Online

To convert our lectures into a virtual format has technical challenges, but also pedagogical ones. The technology is actually easier to master: to learn how to use new platforms, chat, polls, videos and audio. Our challenge is how to “connect” with the students, beyond the technical dimension? How can we capture and keep their attention, challenge the distractors, excite them, awaken their curiosity, inspire them to learn and act, even awaken their passion for making a difference? In this 90 min interactive Webinar you will have the opportunity to share the challenges in your particular context with colleagues, reflect and find inspiration and new ideas on how to maximize the learning experience. Institutions wishing to sponsor and organize this Webinar please send me:

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Becoming Learning Facilitators

From Instructors to Online Learning Facilitators

This interactive workshop for educators is designed to offer participants an in depth experiential learning opportunity to move from being instructors to becoming learning facilitators. We use the immersion technique based on the 10 Action Reflection Learning Principles. Participants learn in action, reflecting and applying what they are learning on a course they are currently or will be teaching.

Four day workshop in two daily sessions. Total 16.5 hours over 2 days, and we can accommodate different schedules.

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What participants said

A more human way of learning. I take away a different approach to teaching, and a change in my role in the classroom.
Professor at Uniempresarial. Colombia
Evaluation: double high five = 10
Professor at Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
I discovered how participative virtual interaction can be!
Professor at Centro de Estudios Universitarios Madrid, Spain
Thank you Isabel for encouraging me/us to be more authentic and human through our teaching. One word = peace.
Professor at Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
The best and most rewarding professional development event I ever had in my 21 years here.
Professor at Al Akhawayn University, Morocco

Introduction to the SMP

The challenge is to start with oneself!
Professor UDEM, Mexico
This course took me out of my routine, it made me reflect in a way that I hadn't for a long time, it was also relaxing and increased my engagement as a professor.
Prof. TEC Monterrey, Mexico