Be Inspired

What inspires you? What brings balance
to your life?

I am sharing here some of the ways I’ve found to balance my intellectual side with my nonverbal understanding, the “other way of  knowing”.

Where do you nurture your imagination? What are the gifts you give to your soul, to help you remember what really matters? What helps you listen to the “higher angels of your nature”? And how are you making time and space for these moments? We tend to allow more time for our daily chores and obligations, and prioritize the intellectual activities of our mind. Stream of consciousness writing, creative or playful activities may fall by the wayside as if they were ‘nice to haves’, not serious, and not essential. Something to do when we have done all the ‘other’ things. What a, pity, because we miss out some precious opportunities to connect with oneself.

Interestingly, while poetry, blogging or digital art help me make meaning and nurture my soul, they also become a bridge that I create toward others. I hope you enjoy walking these bridges, and find your own interesting places to go. For yourself and your students, since these creative outlets are wonderful teaching tools you can use.