What people are saying

The world is a threshold of an unimaginable crisis, and  humanity is coming together to act. Isabel has taken a wonderful step to accelerate this transformation, addressing the mindset that brought us here and that guides us further. The book is written as an engaging conversation that touches the mind and the heart, thoughts that can open our own resolve and imagination.

Paul Hawken, Environmentalist and Author

“As a climate educator and communicator in Indonesia who works with thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life, I value this book to remind me of the interconnection between thinking, being, and doing, in terms of climate actions, through the twelve sustainability mindset principles. The book also makes me realize that understanding and implementing knowledge in non-technical issues is as important as in technical issues.”

Amanda Katili Niode, Director, The Climate Reality Project, Indonesia.

“Isabel’s book is a welcome invitation to a groundbreaking journey towards opening our minds and hearts. It inspires us to contribute to creating the beautiful world we know is possible!”

Roberta Domingues, Leadership Development Manager at oikos International, Switzerland.