Educators implementing the SMP

It may be clear to you by now, that knowledge and technology are important and yet not sufficient to accelerate change. We need a different mindset. Fine – but what does it look like? And how to develop it? These are the questions that the Sustainability Mindset Principles (SMP) address. The 12 Principles offer a scaffolding to develop a holistic mindset, central to any discipline. Whether it is about engineering, accounting, health sciences, law or agriculture – the Principles touch the core of the ecological worldview, systemic perspective, emotional and spiritual intelligence, the four content areas key to seeing the world and our role with new eyes. How have you been addressing the values, beliefs, mental maps and models of the students to expand consciousness about their mindset? Have you ever prompted reflection about their purpose, their shared assumptions, or the anchors of their identity? The two courses listed below were developed specifically for professors seeking to address the un-sustainable mindset – and foster a mindset more in tune with the world we want to live in. I have offered them successfully (and virtually) since 2014, to small groups of up to 10 people.
  • Fast Track

    This online program in 8 sessions of 90 min is aimed at educators interested in embedding the SMP into their teaching. It is an experiential course, where participants explore different activities and exercises by doing them themselves. When we get together in our session we exchange impressions, reactions, if and how they would use the exercises, what we might do differently, etc. The Fast Track has been described by participants as a personal development journey, a transformative learning experience, in a safe, intimate small group setting. For more information and to find out if this course is right for you, send me an:

  • Atelier

    The Atelier on the Sustainability Mindset Principles is a course of 12 sessions of 90 minutes, for educators interested in exploring in depth the conceptual background and implementation options of the 12 Sustainability Mindset Principles. There are no assignments between meetings. It is for graduates of the Fast Track, or for educators experienced in holistic development teaching contents and approaches. For more information and to find out if this course is right for you, send me an: