It's Personal

...After desperately looking for the bracelet everywhere, I realized that I actually had discovered the meaning: change happens at a personal level when each student experiences a transformation of their mindset. And they naturally and instinctively want to share their insights with friends, family or in their workplace. As it had happened to me- it was personal, and it was about people.

I reflect on this phrase today. I realize that “it” was more than about people: it is also about animals, rivers, mountains, Nature, the planet. When we are on the path of reconnecting with our deeper wisdom, with our soul, we are transformed, and we feel the urge to act, to do something.

For others, it´s peace, or to shape a better world. We do it in different ways, but at the core it’s always the same start: it’s personal.

I invite you, educators and trainers, to explore the stories of my experience, and find ideas, resources and inspiration to your own way of shaping change.
Isabel Rimanoczy