From Instructors to online Learning Facilitators Interactive Workshop for Educators

While some enjoy the opportunity to go from F2F classes to online, many of us have chosen to become an educator because we love the connection with students, the shared physical space, and the energy

that multiplies when we share an experience “live”. To convert a course into a virtual class is a technical challenge, and also an opportunity to revise our pedagogical approach.

How do we excite our students? How do we develop their critical thinking, their initiative, their confidence? How do we engage their attention, foster their unique skills and personal gifts? What attitudes are most appropriate to become learning facilitators?

Dr. Isabel Rimanoczy (Columbia University), author of STOP TEACHING: Principles and Practices for Responsible Management Education, will address these questions in the Interactive Workshop for Educators.

An unusual experience

The Interactive Workshop for Educators “From Instructors to online Learning Facilitators” will offer the participants an experiential learning opportunity, using the immersion technique based on the 10 Action Reflection Learning Principles. The participants will learn in action, reflecting and applying what they are learning on a current course they are or will be teaching.

Participants registering in this Workshop will receive a digital Booklet with the tools/processes introduced, in addition to a collective production of material emerging from the course.

Delving into the ARL Principles


Experiential Workshop designed for educators. Learn the 10 Principles of Action Reflection Learning, a pedagogical approach to maximize the experience of virtual or F2F learning, which originated in Scandinavia and was coded by Dr. Rimanoczy.

Learning Goals of the Workshop 

  • Discover the essentials for optimizing learning
  • Experience 18 techniques/processes for virtual learning situations
  • Learn the 10 Action Reflection Learning Principles
  • Apply what you are learning on the design of your current course/class
  • Learn 21 additional techniques to facilitate learning
  • Contribute to the collective creation of a Pedagogical Guide for Adult learning
  • Receive and offer feedback to colleagues
  • Learn about the keys to motivate students

Two day workshop – Two daily sessions. Total 8.5 hrs.

Becoming Learning Facilitators


This personal development Workshop for educators complements the session on the ARL methodology and focuses on the essential characteristics to play the Learning Facilitator role.

Learning Goals

  • Identify the essential characteristics of a Learning Facilitator
  • Create the Personal Map of strengths and challenges
  • Learn a technique of support: Peer Learning Process
  • Receive support on a current challenge
  • Experience 11 techniques/processes for the virtual of F2F classroom
  • Prepare your personal Scorecard
  • Receive a digital Booklet with the tools/processes introduced
  • Become part of a new learning community

Two day Workshop – Two sessions of 2 hrs. each day. Total 8 hrs. Attendance of PART A is a condition to participate in Part B.