Sustainability - We need to talk

In Isabel Words

Project: Conversation about sustainability

Author seeking four volunteers to participate in a facilitated conversation about the Sustainability Mindset. The author will introduce concepts to spark a thoughtful exchange, and the material will be used in an upcoming book.

Are you between ages 20 and 50, fluent in English and curious about Sustainability?

Requisites: Available for 3 Zoom meetings of 2 hours, good internet connection. No previous knowledge of the topic required.


This project will change the way you think and you will find yourself actively shaping a more sustainable world.

“The world is at a threshold of an unimaginable crisis, and humanity is coming together to act. Isabel has taken a wonderful step to accelerate this transformation, addressing the mindset that brought us here and that guides us further. The book is written as an engaging conversation that touches the mind and the heart, thoughts that can open our own resolve and imagination.”


Paul Hawken, Author, Drawdown and Regeneration, USA.